Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue

Feel transported as ancient Brazilian traditions come alive in our churrascaria - our house of barbecue - and special place that bursts with authentic South American atmosphere.


FESTIVAL FEATURE - $37 Dinner Menu

Salad Bar and Hot Buffet:

The full 14 seasonal salads and our 8 hot dishes are all part of the Rodizio experience. We have a variety of fresh, local ingredient used for all our salads and beautiful hot dishes to compliment the great taste from the grill.


Alcatra: Garlic Top Sirlion
Picanha: Signature AAA rump steak
Beef Parmegiano: Top Sirloin sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.
Linguica: Spolumbo’s Gaucho sausages
Lombo de Porco: Rosemary Pork loin
Asa de Frango: Chicken Wings
Hot and Spicy Brisket
Coração de Frango: Chicken Hearts
Carneiro: Honey Mustard Lamb

629 8th Street, Canmore, AB

$37 MenuJulia Freeman