From chipotle to dark chocolate, Evoolution knows hows to bring the flavour. Visit the team in-store during Canmore Uncorked 2018 to redeem a special offer. More details below.

From chipotle to dark chocolate, Evoolution knows hows to bring the flavour. Visit the team in-store during Canmore Uncorked 2018 to redeem a special offer. More details below.

Whether you're whipping up pasta or popcorn, steak or salad, uniquely flavourful condiments will take your meal to the next level.

Since 2015, Evoolution has been making a splash in Canmore's culinary scene—taking classic extra-virgin olive oils (EVOOs), world-class Modena balsamic vinegars, and high-quality sea salts, and infusing them with diabolical flavours that leave you wishing plate-licking wasn't taboo.

Bottling their products on-site, and showcasing them in stainless steel Fustis—those beautifully designed containers which line their shelves in-store—Evoolution takes freshness and flavour seriously. And for fans of all things savoury, stepping inside their Canmore location is like being a kid in a candy store.

With over 50 naturally flavoured olive oils and balsamic vinegars on tap (and sampling plates piled high with fresh bread for you to soak up and sample the goodness), a gourmet salt bar, and a unique supply of Alberta's best local foodstuffs, they've transformed the humble condiment into an experience.

From sweet and rich to tart and sharp, their diverse products are also known to inspire a sense of adventure in local foodies. For a uniquely sweet treat: add a splash of Evoolution's peach or cranberry white balsamic vinegars on a nice scoop of ice cream. For patio weather: add a drop of the blood orange olive oil to sparkling water or prosecco to make delicious drinks that are sure to spark conversation. Keep reading for more EVOO inspiration.

5 unique Evoolution flavours for adventurous foodies

  1. Blood Orange Olive Oil: Makes for a more-ish marinade for fresh salmon and grilled chicken, and adds extra flavour to any baking recipe.
  2. Dark Chocolate Dark Balsamic Vinegar: Sweet in nature with a lower natural sugar content, drizzle this balsamic on your ice cream or add to your steak and short rib marinades. Balsamics are a natural tenderizer and add tons of flavour.
  3. Olive Wood Smoked Olive Oil: Similar to an oak wood smoke taste, this EVOO steals the show in potato salads and pasta dishes. Also a truly tasty addition atop home-made pizza.
  4. Ripe Peach White Balsamic Vinegar: For a homemade Italian soda, add a drop or two to sparkling water. With its sweeter taste this unique flavour is a great addition to oatmeal and yogurt or a fresh fruit salad. Add a little ooh-la-la to your morning!
  5. Butter Flavoured Olive Oil: A fantastic butter substitute—on special during Canmore Uncorked! Dairy free and vegan-friendly, drizzle over popcorn or use for flavourful baking.

Sea salts worth savouring

  • Vintage Merlot Sea Salt: A perfect match with roast beef or horseradish, this sea salt is wonderful in sauces. The purple colour lends itself as a beautiful topper for any dish.
  • Black Truffle Sea Salt: In addition to popcorn (which is a must), this truffle salt is great on fresh pasta, mushrooms, french fries, and any vegetable you like to cook at home, plus even mac and cheese! (This sea salt is part of the Canmore Uncorked special.)

Where to taste Evoolution at Canmore Uncorked

Special Offer: Purchase Evoolution's Truffle Salt / Butter EVOO set for the special price of $12 (regular price $18.50). To redeem this offer, visit Evoolution in store at 710 8 Street #104, Canmore, during Canmore Uncorked 2018 (May 3rd-13th).

More ways to enjoy Canmore Uncorked this year

  • Canmore Wine Festival (Saturday May 5th)
  • The Grande Brucnh (Sunday May 6th)
  • Progressive Dinner Tours (Sunday May 6th to Wednesday May 9th)
  • Whisky & Spirits Festival (Friday May 11th)
  • Craft Beer Festival (Saturday May 12th)

Find out more and get your tickets here!

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