The Paintbox Lodge: Community, Creativity, and Connection

Paintbox Lodge

We think it’s safe to say that food and drink has long surpassed the purpose of simply sustenance. Food means community, creativity, and connection. In a small town like Canmore, these three things are foundational in our culture and in our everyday lives. The Paintbox Lodge is a living, breathing representation of everything that’s special and important about food, culture, and the Box Valley. We could not be more excited to have them joining us for another year of Canmore Uncorked experiences! As such, we sat down with owner, Sara Renner, to chat about what they have in store for us this year. But first, let us give you a little background on the warm, welcoming, positively beloved Paintbox Lodge.


The Paintbox Lodge is an award-winning boutique hotel located in the heart of Downtown Canmore owned by Olympic medalist, Sara Renner and World Cup Champion, Thomas Grandi. Their mantra is simple: “Earth care, people care and fair share.” Many of their staff members are Olympic alumni or hardworking athletes their sights set on the Olympics, too. The Bow Valley is filled with driven, inspirational athletes, creatives, and business owners of all types. The Paintbox Lodge brings together these unique characteristics in one remarkable place. “Paintbox is a place to connect to the soul of the community and feel the intimacy of a small town. Locals truly feel like it’s home” Sara told us.

Within The Paintbox Lodge, you’ll find The BOX, a space for unique and memorable dining experiences. This is where their Uncorked Experience will take place. The Paintbox Lodge will be hosting private events that they call Kitchen Parties. “They are a chef-hosted demo and dine. We’ve got a bar that can seat 13 people around our open kitchen. We bring in chefs from the Bow Valley and beyond. It’s a super casual evening! The chef cooks and explains what he or she is doing and people can ask questions. It can be very informative or totally causal, depending on how the group dynamics unfold. We’ll be hosting a kitchen party for every night of Uncorked at a discounted rate.” How amazing does that sound!?

“They’re a super fun opportunity to interact with food and people in a different way than we’re used to. People tend to gravitate to the kitchen, open up in the kitchen, and feel comfortable in the kitchen. It’s taking all the best things about hosting at home, but you’re not the one hosting! Someone else is doing it for you” Sara continued.

As for Uncorked, Sara believes the event to be an opportunity to dig deep within the community, get to know the local food & beverage culture, “it’s where you’ll meet your new great friends for the first time” she tells our readers.

If you want to get involved, be sure to book your spot for one of The Paintbox’s Kitchen Parties.

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Meet you in the kitchen!