With the snow melting and summer just around the corner, sharing food and memories with close friends on a patio means finding the perfect wine pairing that doesn’t break the budget.  Enter UnWined@3Sisters.

Boutique liquor store UnWined@3Sisters knows that sometimes selecting a wine at the right price may not always be an easy task.

When opening their store, owners Valerie Truvel and Anthony Rabot wanted to put a focus on making wine approachable and fun-to-discover for everyone. And by supporting small wineries and producers, their selection of both high-end and good-quality reds and whites, and everything in between, is endless.  Having moved to the Bow Valley from Quebec and Bordeaux respectively, they know their wine!


So, here are the perfect wine pairings that will get your guests saying “let’s open another bottle.”

Pair a beautiful goat cheese salad with Le Petit Berticot Sauvignon Blanc. The refreshing peachy crisp taste is only $17 and will pair perfectly with spring weather.

Truvel calls Tarima Monstrell ($17.00) the Malbec from Spain. Using an indigenous grape of Spain, it has a similar flavour profile to a Malbec: big juicy blueberries and blackberries nodes with great minerality.

Estampa La Cruz (a $40.00 Carmenere) or a Petite Verdot from Chile goes exquisitely well with a summer BBQ or for any occasion.

A perfect pairing for cured meat, dried sausages and paté platter, the red sparkling wine, Lambruso hits the spot! Serve slightly chilled, and it will be a refreshing drink sure to impress your guests. ($20.00)

For any occasion: brunch, patio, lunch, dinner or foods that are hard to pair, a good rosé is always a great answer, and, no, not all rosés are sweet! Most of them, especially from Provence, are deliciously dry. Try Domaine Houchart, Côte de Provence Rosé for only $21.00.

UnWined is offering complimentary wine tastings during Canmore Uncorked. So, go ask the experts how to pair the perfect wine for your next dinner party, or stop by before heading out to one of the many wonderful restaurants participating in the festival.

Kymberley Hill