Canmore Pasta Co.: Doing What They Do Best for this Year’s Uncorked Experience

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Canmore Pasta Co. provides delicious, fresh pasta and sauces to Canmore and surrounding areas. Their ingredients are entirely local and, truly, their pasta could not taste better. Pasta Co. supplies restaurants from “Canmore to Lake Louise and a little bit in Calgary” owner, Meghan Bryant, told us. “You can find our pasta at Save On Foods, Shoppers, Rusticana, Nutters, and in Calgary at the Farmer’s Market. I also work closely with the restaurants to customize products for them.” Restaurants can make their own fillings and Meghan’s team will put it in a ravioli for them, for example. Or, if a restaurant requests a certain shape of pasta, they know they can depend on Pasta Co. to bring it in for them. Pasta Co. even once collaborated with The Marked Bistro to make a desert ravioli. “We made a chocolate noodle and they made a banana filling for the Canmore Uncorked progressive dinner” Meghan recalled.

Meghan grew up on a farm in Northern Alberta and has an educational background in Agricultural Business and Entrepreneurship. “We are what you would consider an agricultural business because we are a value-added processor. Right now we’re taking flour from Saskatchewan and Alberta, we’re taking eggs from Alberta, and we’re making a product. All of our ingredients are from Alberta and Saskatchewan.” Her husband, Aaron, is a Bow Valley local, having grown up in Kananaskis. The two returned to the Rockies in 2012 with their three children and Meghan bought Canmore Pasta Co., Formerly Pasta To Go, that same year.

Feeling the Food Biz Love in Canmore

“We love the lifestyle. We love the mountains. Our kids are all cross country ski racers so it’s a really awesome place for them. We always support the athletes. We give the every athlete on the cross country development teams a bag of pasta each week. Giving back to the community is important to us. The athletes need carbs and we provide good, clean carbs with no additives. It’s a protein rich pasta” she said. On top of their family’s deep connection to the Bow Valley and the natural surroundings, Meghan also finds herself incredibly inspired by the vibrant and diverse food and beverage community in Canmore. “Everyone is so passionate and supportive of one another. I really feel the love here.” This is the exact type of energy we try to harness at each year’s Canmore Uncorked event.

What is Pasta Co. Bringing to the Table for this Year’s Event?

This year, for Canmore Uncorked, Pasta Co. will be offering a $12 experience “which will be a fresh bag of pasta and a sauce. People can choose one of our four sauces which are all made in-house: dairy free-option, a vegetarian option, a meet option, and an Alfredo. Then, we have about 20 different shapes of pasta they can choose from.”

So, what are you waiting for? Get Uncorked on your calendar and be sure to make Canmore Pasta Co. a priority along your journey. If you haven’t tried their pastas or sauces, this is the perfect excuse. If you have, you’re likely as crazy about them as we are and are already planning to take full advantage of their Uncorked Experience. Enjoy!

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