At Mountain Mercato, you’ll get more than you bargained for. Part speciality food market and part café, this blended business can be found right on Canmore’s main street.

Their chic design is both sleek and inviting. Oversized vintage mirrors set upon a crisp white wall open the space, which is brought to life by farmhouse style pendant lights above. Simple black chairs and tables line the floor, adorned with delicate flower bouquets that would fit right in at a French street side café.

You’ll feel inclined to settle in and stay awhile as you enjoy their menu of entirely house-made dishes, stocked full of locally-sourced ingredients from Western Canada. From pesto to chicken liver pate, it’s all whipped up in house.

You may even want to recreate a meal you enjoyed here. Many of these dish ingredients can be found right in their gourmet food market, making it easy to treat yourself to the café’s calibre right from the comfort of home.

For every foodie or passionate home chef, here are five staple items from Mountain Mercato that are sure to jazz up your pantry.


1) Balsamic Reduction

A staff favourite is the Belazu balsamic vinegar from Modena. The perfect balance of sweetness and acidity is delicious on greens, a Caprese salad with Roma tomatoes and creamy bocconcini, or a bowl of organic strawberries and vanilla ice cream.



2) Cashew Nut Butter

Move over peanut butter, there’s a new nut in town. Munch YYC’s Cashew Nut Butter is the ideal base for oh-so-many possibilities. Notes of cardamom, coconut and cloves makes it a unique salad dressing. Mixed with some olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and you’re all set for a fresh meal of greens. Produced in Calgary and available in a variety of flavours.



3) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There are a few things in life with which you simply cannot sacrifice quality, and olive oil is one of them. Sourced from groves from the southern Apulia region of Italy, Galantino’s cold-pressed oil comes in beautiful speckled ceramic bottles, allowing it to also serve as a beautiful, authentic table centrepiece.



4) Truffle Zest

Turning a treat from average to amazing only takes a few easy steps - or in this case, one! The Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Zest is an excellent pair with avocado, hummus, eggs, and popcorn – they’ll be dressed up in a pinch! It’s also an easy addition to larger dishes, such as pasta and potatoes.



5) Duck Fat

Rougie Duck Fat is a hearty addition to bring out the best in your roast potatoes. Top with some coarse salt and fresh rosemary, and you’ll never make them the old way again. Or try adding it to your next homemade burger patties for the best backyard barbecue on the block.



6) Salt and Pepper

The key to good cooking is in highlighting the natural aromas and flavours of your ingredients, and not to overpower it with added on flavours. A great way to do this is by picking high grade basics to enhance the natural qualities of your dish. Il Boschetto from Italy offers some of the best salt and pepper on the market, and come in tall refillable grinders.

$41.95/465 grams


View Mountain Mercato's Canmore Uncorked Experiences, available during the festival, here.

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