Chef George heats up the Kitchen Party as he prepares Steak Diane, a signature dish at Paintbox Lodge.

Chef George heats up the Kitchen Party as he prepares Steak Diane, a signature dish at Paintbox Lodge.

Arrive feeling hungry and curious. Leave feeling connected and inspired—with a very happy belly.

Chef-hosted, demo-and-dine-style, a Kitchen Party at Paintbox Lodge is a social event, a cooking demo, a great meal, and an unforgettable night out—all in one!

These limited-time-only culinary events have hit Canmore's dining scene with a flavourful bang—and there's never been a better time to try them than during Canmore Uncorked (May 3-13, 2018).

Available for a very special price ($65 instead of $80, bar one special exception) throughout the Festival, and with 11 unique culinary themes to choose from, these signature events should be top-of-the-list for every foodie's Uncorked itinerary.

Laugh, Learn, Wine, Dine, Then Laugh Some More

Meet your local expert host Chef and connect with like-minded foodies (aka new friends). Get a close-up view of the cooking process and learn some special culinary secrets. Discover new flavours and fill your belly with a memorable meal.

From Bollywood Classics to La Cucina Italiana, and Spanish Farmhouse to One Night Trip to Japan (+ Sake Pairings!), expect variety, super-fresh ingredients, and a whole lot of flavour.

Kitchen Parties have been an annual highlight of Canmore Uncorked since the Festival began 2014.

"They're the perfect way to for us to combine our passion for great food, connecting people over food, and making the most of this great space we have," says Sara Renner, who owns and operates Paintbox Lodge with her husband, Thomas Grandi.

"People always organically gather in the kitchen, and the concept developed as a fun, casual way to meet people or get a group friends together. It’s been such a great success."

"Rather than a highly technical cooking lesson, it's a friendly, comfortable environment that lends itself to casual learning. If you’re curious, you can get a lot of info from the chefs. It's a wonderful opportunity for anyone who loves food, from travelers to locals—everyone warms up after their welcome glass of prosecco!"

A number of Kitchen Parties events are led by Paintbox Lodge's own Chef George, who has been serving fresh and flavourful cuisine in-house since 2010.

Canmore Uncorked Kitchen Parties at Paintbox Lodge

Special pricing for Canmore Uncorked is $65, except for the Sake Pairing. (The regular price of a Kitchen Party is $80). Find out more and book your tickets here!

  • La Cucina Italiana. Thursday, May 3. 6:00-9:00 pm. $65.00 per person. 
  • Spanish Farmhouse with Chef George. Friday, May 4. 6:00-9:00 pm. $65.00 per person.
  • One Night Trip to Japan with Sake Pairings. Saturday, May 5. 6:00-9:00 pm. $80.00.
  • French Bistro with Chef George. Sunday, May 6. 6:00-9:00 pm. $65.00 per person. 
  • Private Kitchen Party with Chef George. Monday, May 7. 6:00- 9:00 pm. $65.00 per person. 8 person minimum.
  • A Spicy Touch with Karen Anderson. Tuesday, May 8. 6:00- 9:00 pm. $65.00 per person. 8 person minimum.
  • Spring Fling with Pachavega. Wednesday, May 9. 6:00- 9:00 pm. $65.00 per person.  
  • Live Music with Dana Wylie. Thursday, May 10. 7:00-9:30 pm. $30.00.
  • Local with Colin Metcalfe from Sidewalk Citizen. Friday, May 11. 6:00-9:00 pm. $65.00 per person. 
  • Bollywood Classics with Chef George. Saturday, May 12. 6:00-9:00 pm. $65.00 per person.
  • Thai Classics with Sue Shih. Sunday, May 13. 6:00-9:00 pm. $65.00 per person.
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Unique & Boutique: Paintbox Lodge is a Charming Local Hidden-Gem

Paintbox Lodge combines international inspiration with a distinctly Canmore twist, with the kind of attention-to-detail that's sure to impress.

Driven by a passion for health and connection, Owner-Operators Sara Renner and Thomas Grandi are now carving their niche in the Bow Valley hospitality scene—following successful careers as Olympic athletes.

For, Sara, a cross country skier, and Thomas, an alpine skier, competing amongst the world's top-level skiers entailed significant time spent traveling. Chasing winter from November until the end of March each year while on their respective competition circuits, they clocked up a staggering amount of time in hotels across the globe–up to 150 days a year, for many years.

As consumers, they experienced first-hand the best and the worst sides of the hospitality industry–providing a wealth of valuable insights that inform their own business today.

"We’ve spent a lot of time in the most beautiful mountain resorts in the world, but there's nowhere quite like Canmore. We had seen it all, and saw what worked and what didn't, so we took those experiences and used them to create the kind of place we would like to stay. It's the little things that mean a lot. We put a lot of effort into things here, and people notice," Sara says.


Canmore Olympians Thomas Grandi and Sara Renner are passionate about their mountain community and the great food it inspires. Catch them on a Progressive Dinner Tour during Canmore Uncorked 2018.

Canmore Olympians Thomas Grandi and Sara Renner are passionate about their mountain community and the great food it inspires. Catch them on a Progressive Dinner Tour during Canmore Uncorked 2018.

Wholesome, Healthy, Hearty Food (Including Ridiculously Good Bread!)

When it comes to food at Paintbox Lodge, Sara says it's all about wholesome balance.

"We’re driven to be as local and organic as possible, and a 'from-scratch' approach is very important to us. We're all about a well-balanced breakfast for our overnight guests, and we’re not afraid of butter or olive oil. It's about a sensible approach to eating, not about taking things out. It's common-sense, back-to-basics, great food!"

"We know that it’s very hard to find a good loaf while traveling, and we are incredibly proud of our bread. It's a three-day fermentation process, and the recipe is from Sidewalk Citizen Cafe in Calgary. One of their business partners is a Gold Medal chef, and he's the master of his game. The term 'ridiculously good' is the only way to describe this bread," Sara says.

"Community is important to us, and we really try to support our neighbours. We work with Organic Box for our breakfasts, source all grains from Highwood Crossing, and source beer from the local brew pub. We also collaborate with a lot of local chefs from other restaurants around Canmore for the Kitchen Parties. Our Italian chef makes his own pasta, and he will be making it for our La Cucina Italiana Kitchen Party during Uncorked, which will be a whole lot of fun," she says.

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Progressive Dinner Tours: Cycle & Dine at Local Favourites during Canmore Uncorked

Not only will Paintbox Lodge host their hugely popular Kitchen Parties for Canmore Uncorked, Sara and Thomas will also be personally guiding some very special culinary experiences out-of-doors. They'll be among the Olympian guides for the Festival's much-loved Progressive Dinner Tours, where athletes take diners on a cycle-and-dine culinary Bike Tour to one local-favourite brewery and four local-favourite restaurants, covering approximately 20km of cycling across Canmore.

Progressive Dinner Tours will be held from Sunday May 6th to Wednesday May 9th, during Uncorked 2018, and they're best described as a "must-do" event!

Sound like fun? Find out more and get your Progressive Dinner Tour tickets here.

Tickets and more information on Paintbox Lodge's must-try Kitchen Parties can be found here.

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