The Market Bistro & Unwined Bring French Cuisine & Culture to Canmore


If you haven’t heard of The Market Bistro in Canmore, that’s probably because it’s one of the Bow Valley’s best kept secrets. Though, if you have heard of it, you probably know that the little bistro took home Canmore Uncorked’s 2017 & 2018 Best Chef of the Festival award, and for good reason. Their delicious, creative menu is certainly something to be experienced. Market Bistro is owned and operated by Anthony and Val. Anthony is from France and Val is from Quebec. Together, the two work to share their passion for authentic French cuisine with the Bow Valley and beyond. The two actually met at The Market Bistro where Anthony was working as a Chef and Val was a neighbour and regular. They fell in love and when the opportunity became available they purchased the bistro. Once it was theirs, they launched their new menu and offerings right around Canmore Uncorked 5 years ago.

The Market Bistro Uncorked Experience

Val and Anthony have participated in Canmore Uncorked each year since then. “it’s so much fun. We get to play, make new menus, think up ideas, show everyone what we do here” Val told us. They participate in a number of ways from providing courses at the Long Table Dinner to holding in-house experiences at both Market Bistro and Unwind. “We’ll be doing two courses at the Long Table Dinner but we’ll also be serving one of those dishes here in the restaurant. That’s the homemade Salmon Gravelax. If people can’t get a ticket to the Long Table Dinner but still want to experience it, they can come here and try it for themselves.” In addition, they’ve put together a mouth-watering menu for the duration of the festival. “We do a $25 experience, something that’s affordable, but we throw in a little extra to show off what we do!”


Here’s a bit of what you can expect: A homemade Boursin Cheese with Beet Chips, a Braised Beef Brisket with roasted endives & baby potatoes, Zucchini & Eggplant Gratin, a Lavender & Lemon Goat Cheese Cake, and SO much more. “We’re SO excited about the vegetarian dish. It’s so good, even non-vegetarians absolutely love it. Also, our Italian cook, Davide, is making a Seafood Canelloni, it’s very rich and really delicious. There’s a lot of French influence, but also Italian with Davide. We’re always playing with flavours and attempting new and unique dishes.”

On top of what you’ll find at Canmore Uncorked, The Market Bistro is truly something that should be experience year-round. “Everything’s homemade and it tastes like you’re at home. This is a neighbourhood, we know our clients, we know their kids and dogs, we just want to cook for them. It’s our second home and their second home here. It’s not crowded around here, it’s a good escape from Main Street, it’s the secret little gem in Canmore. If they want the local experience, they will find it here” Val explained.

As you know, The Market Bistro has an attached liquor store, Unwind. “People will come and order their food here, then go next door and tell us what they’re having. We’ll suggest them a bottle and they can bring it back over to the bistro for just a $15 corkage fee. We have a great following for that!” Furthermore, Unwind will be doing their own Uncorked experience. “A tasting that will showcase old-world vs. New-world wine. I’ll give them a crash course and then we’ll test their pallets to see how the learned”

The Market Bistro is the real deal. They put the utmost care into every dish they create, they truly are a local gem. If you love experiential dining, this is where you need to go! Also, if you’re interested in unique dining experiences, check out the Canmore Uncorked Big Brunch