If there are two things Canadians are well-known for, it’s their beer and their backyard. From rugged ocean coastlines to the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies, the ways to explore these beautiful landscapes are endless, and Canmore, Alberta is home to some of the best.

The ultimate pairing to an adventure well-spent in the Bow Valley is, of course, a brew. Canmore Brewing Company crafts blends to suit every style and season - a beer ‘four’ all seasons, if you will!

Here are some excellent ways to enjoy these duos to the fullest on your next visit to Canmore.

Spring - Ten Peaks Pale Ale

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, the locals are smiling: all signs that Spring has officially sprung in Canmore - which means early season hiking is here! East End of Rundle and Ha Ling are both excellent, easy-access hikes right outside the town site. You’ll want to pack along a ‘summit beer’ to celebrate your victory, and the Ten Peaks Pale Ale couldn’t be more fitting. This ale is slightly sweet, biscuit-y, and most importantly - thirst quenching! You’ll want to visit its namesake hike later on in the season, too.


Summer - Railway Avenue Rye IPA

Summer in the Rockies is all about maximizing outside time and positive vibes. In the simplest form, this comes down to easy conversation with a handful of buds, topped with a dose of Vitamin D. Whether lounging on a downtown Canmore patio or gathered around a crackling campfire, the Railway Avenue Rye IPA is your go-to brew. The unique blend of malted rye and dry hops makes it full of approachable personality, and is sure to stimulate quality conversations and good times.

Fall - Georgetown Brown

As they heyday of classic summer activities slowly wane with the temperatures, there’s more room to pique your curiosity with unique and quirky adventures in Canmore. Take a mine tour, go on a caving adventure, or learn more about the coal mining history of the area right in town at the local museum. The Georgetown Brown ale taps into this rich history, alluding to an old mining town that is slowly disappearing into the Bow. Your palette will be equally intrigued by its smooth caramel and chocolate notes.

Winter - Mineside Stout

If a real-life snow globe existed, you can bet Canmore would be in it. World-class ice climbs, stunning ski terrain and frozen alpine skating lakes all provide a beautiful setting for winter exploration. The cold weather tends to work up a hearty appetite, and the Mineside Stout is just the cure. This English style stout features complex notes of roasted barley, chocolate, and caramel malts, for a satisfying and delicious treat to top your perfect day in the mountains.

Must-try Seasonals

Just as the mountain seasons ebb and flow, so too do Canmore Brewing Co.’s flavours on tap. As winter comes to a close, the last few cans and kegs of their winter seasonal Chocolate Maple Porter are up for grabs! Nothing goes better with a wintery treat than a nice dark porter. This special dark ale includes chocolate, caramel and black malts and 100% pure, Grade A Dark, Canadian maple syrup.

The Misty Mountain Hops is a New England Style IPA currently on offer. It was crafted last fall and stayed on due to popular demand - it’s been brewing ever since and is here to stay for summer. It’s hazy and fruity with plenty of aroma and flavour provided by Hallertau Blanc, Mosaic and Amarillo hops.


You’ll want to keep your taste buds primed for their brand-new beer - so new in fact, that it doesn’t even have a name yet! In collaboration with the Village Brewery in Calgary, you can expect a spring seasonal variety with a unique botanical twist. Elderberry, lemongrass, lavender and chamomile all come together with plenty of honey for this refreshing session beer.

Where to find Canmore Brewing Company at Uncorked 2018

  • Festival Feature - $6 Experience: Enjoy a 16oz Georgetown Brown Ale pint paired with a savoury bite of sausage roll from Aroha Pies, for just $6! The brown ale is rich with caramel and chocolate malts and translates into a smooth, sweet finish. Visit the store at 1460 Railway Ave, Canmore. Open Wednesday - Sunday throughout the festival.
  • Craft Beer Festival (Saturday May 12th): Sample beers from 30 of North America’s finest craft breweries. A huge favourite of the festival where you can enjoy a wide range of craft beers and ciders, chat with passionate brewers, and make lots of new friends in a fun and relaxing environment.

More ways to enjoy Canmore Uncorked this year

  • Canmore Wine Festival (Saturday May 5th)
  • The Grande Brunch (Sunday May 6th)
  • Progressive Dinner Tours (Sunday May 6th to Wednesday May 9th)
  • Whisky & Spirits Festival (Friday May 11th)

Find out more and get your tickets here!

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